Personal & Group Discipleship

Pilgrim-Institute has developed a Bible Study based on the Book “The Pilgrim progress” by John Bunyan. This is an intense thirteen lesson Bible Study that will take you on a personal pilgrimage from the “City of Destruct” to the “Celestial City”. This study can be done by an individual or as a group (small group, Sunday School Class, or Church).

The short story by Hawthorne called the “Celestial Railroad” is used in conjunction with Bunyan’s book “The Pilgrim Progress” to contrast how Christianity has changed and is changing over the years. Both of these resources are free and available on this website.

All the lessons are available free of charge on this website and can be downloaded in PDF format.


To Enroll

You only need to enroll if you desired us to be your accountability partner and receive a certificate of completion. Click on the “To enroll” link in the above menu.


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