Our Pilgrimage


Our Pilgrimage

Our Pilgrimage” is an individual Bible/Book or small group study designed to be a “close encounter with God”. Below is my brief testimony of the power of this study.

My Pilgrimage

I have been a professor of Christ for 40+ years and a pastor for fifteen years. Looking back over my life I see myself taking many “side roads” that led me away from my pilgrimage from this world (City of Destruction) to that heavenly city (Celestial City).

A few years ago I read “The Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Bunyan and was very impressed with the imagery (illustrations/ metaphors) that he uses to show the pilgrim’s steps from the “City of Destruction” to the “Celestial City“. As I examined my life (pilgrimage) in comparison to Bunyan’s allegory (The Pilgrim’s Progress) and meditated on two Biblical events that parallel this allegory (call of Abraham & the exodus of Israel from Egypt), I decided to package an individual or group Bible Study called “Our Pilgrimage”.

In the column on the right you will see all the lessons and links to several resources including a free electronic copy of the book “The Pilgrim’s Progress”, and also a short story by Hawthorne called “The Celestial Railroad”. We request all students to read these two resources before starting the individual lessons.

The individual or group study called “Our Pilgrimage” is now complete, however, we welcome comments and suggestions on how we might improve it.

The goal of this course is to help a person move from being a “professor” of Christ to a “possessor” of Christ.

If you would like to receive a certificate of completion you will need to enroll and send us each lesson once complete. To enroll in the certificate program just click on the “To Enroll” link in the above menu.

If you plan to douse the material to teach others we appreciate knowing that you are using it and comments after you finish.

Pastor Charlie