Our Pilgrimage

Our Pilgrimage is a personal study being developed for any individual that desires a closer walk with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Once a person completes this course not only will they be better prepared for their wilderness experience here on earth, but can be like “Great Heart” and lead others through the wilderness to the Celestial City.  The Book “Pilgrim Progress” is the foundation of our study.  However, it is supplemented by many other resources and supported by a live instructor.

In the right column, you will find links to resources, lessons, and blogs that will be used for the “My Pilgrimage” study.

Our Vision

The purpose of our Institute is to provide a free educational path designed to give our student Pilgrims the Biblical, Theological, and Doctrinal understanding that will prepare them for teaching, preaching, Biblical Counseling Ministry or just to strengthen their faith.

Our History

The Institute’s foundation ministry (Four Soils Ministry) is a free Bible School that offers certificates in Discipleship,  Teaching, Preaching, and Biblical Counseling.  This program was initiated after the founder taught pastors in Bible schools in Africa and India and was involved in mission activities in Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean.   After ministering in these locations he recognized a need existed for a free Internet Bible School to prepare a strong foundation for  Pilgrim’s to minister. Our certificate programs are equivalent to a two-year associate degree in Bible Studies.

Just recently we have established a two-year college program (Wicket Gate Bible College) equivalent to years three and four in a Bible College.  This program allows our certificate  Bible School graduates a free resource to gain additional Biblical and Theological training.  Wicket Gate Bible College’s curriculum was designed to supplement our certificate program and combined we feel is an equivalent to many BS programs in Bible Studies or Ministry. This program is also available FREE to anyone with an associate degree.

Our Founder

Pastor Charlie is a pastor of a small church, has a Dmin degree in theology, and worked for four years for one of the United States’ largest traditional classroom seminaries.  In 1995 on a mission trip to Africa, teaching local pastors in a two-week Bible School he began to recognize that there was a need for Bible and Theological training that would available worldwide totally free including all required resources also available free on the Internet.

Before entering the ministry he had over thirty years of computer industry experience and a master’s in Computer Systems supplemented by Bible College and seminars and realized that God had prepared him to develop such a training program.  The dream/vision seed was planted and is not yet fully grown but is growing as resources are available.

To enroll In “Our Pilgrimage”

To enroll send an email or the contact form. Both are found on the “Contact US” page from the menu above.