Pilgrim Progress Additional study

It is recommended that you read Pilgrim Progress a second time and check off the answers to the following questions as you read. I like John Bunyan feel that Pilgrim’s Progress is one of the best books to study outside the Bible itself!

1. In the beginning, Christian talks about sleeping and having a vision. Do you think God speaks to us in visions? (As also others in the Bible)
2. Why do you think Christian all of a sudden felt he had to change?
3. What tells you that Christian’s family didn’t feel the same way?
4. Why do you think Christian looked right and left but then stood still?
5. Why do you think Evangelist showed up right when Christian was feeling distressed?
6. Do you think that God put Obstinate and Pliable on Christian’s path?
7. Why do you think Christian is so adamant about persuading Obstinate and Pliable?
8. What is the significance of the Slough of Despond?
9. What was Mr. Worldly’s view of the Bible?
10. Why do you think Mr. Legality’s son, Civility, was described as ‘pretty’?
11. What happened to Christian when he set out to Mr. Legality’s house?
12. Do you think Mr. Worldly was put on Christian’s path for a reason?
13. What were the 3 things in Mr. Worldly’s counsel that Evangelist said one must abhor? (p. 29)
14. Who answered the door when Christian arrived at the gate?
15. When Christian was asked why he came alone to the gate, what was his reply? (p. 31)
16. Why did Christian think he could believe Goodwill, about the right way to go?
17. What is the burden that Christian speaks about wanting to lose?
18. Why did Goodwill tell him to be content to bear his burden?
19. What is Godspeed?
20. What was the Interpreter’s purpose in showing Christian the picture of ‘the man’?
21. What did the dust in the parlor signify that the Interpreter showed Christian? (p. 35)
22. What was the meaning of the fire burning by the wall that the Interpreter showed Christian?
23. What was the meaning of the man with a vessel of oil, casting it into the fire?
24. Why was the man trapped in the cage?
25. After Christian left Interpreter, how did he then lose his burden and how did he lose it?
26. What were the springs in his head that sent the water down his cheeks?
27. Where had the 3 Shining Ones come from?
28. When Christian came upon Simple, Sloth and Presumption, what did the feathers on their heels signify?
29. Were Formalist and Hypocrisy on the right path, according to Christian?
30. What was wrong with the way Formality and Hypocrisy had come (p.44)
31. Why did Christian say Formality and Hypocrisy would not be saved?
32. What was Formality and Hypocrisy’s reaction to what Christian was telling them?
33. What did the Shining Ones give Christian that kept him refreshed?
34. What 2 ways up the hill did Formality and Hypocrisy take?
35. What was halfway up the hill that Christian could rest by?
36. When Christian fell asleep at the arbor, what was the significance of the ant, of which he was to go to?
37. What question did Christian ask Timorous and Mistrust at the top of the hill? (p.46)
38. When did Christian realize he did not have the roll in his bosom?
39. Do you think that falling asleep had taught Christian a lesson? Why?
40. What is sleep a metaphor for, here?
41. What do the lions that Christian encountered symbolize?
42. What was Watchful, the porter by the lions, a metaphor for?
43. What did Christian clapping his hands symbolize?
44. When Christian meets Discretion, what possible meanings could there be for ‘the water stood in her eyes?
45. How do you know that Christian was on the right path…by what those at the house said? (p.50)
46. Christian says ‘by chance’ he came upon a man named Evangelist. Do you think it was ‘by chance?
47. What 3 things did Christian see at the house of the Interpreter?
48. What else did Christian tell Piety he saw at the house of the Interpreter?
49. For what reason does Christian tell Prudence he is going to Mount Zion? (p.52)
50. What response did Christian give when asked about bringing his family with him?
51. What was in the armory in the house that they showed him? (p.55)
52. When Christian left the house, where downhill was he headed?
53. What does the loaf of bread, bottle of wine and cluster of raisins symbolize? (given to Christian to continue his journey?
54. Who did Christian first meet in the Valley of Humiliation?
55. Do you think Apollyon’s persuasiveness worked on Christian?
56. When Apollyon would not let Christian go past him, what did Christian have in his hand to fight against him? (p.60)
57. How did Christian defeat Apollyon?
58. Who does Christian give credit to for defeating Apollyon?
59. What is ‘the ditch that Christian found where the blind had led the blind for ages’ a metaphor for? (p.62)
60. Where did Christian perceive the mouth of Hell to be on his path? How does he describe it?
61. When he put up his sword, what was the weapon that he drew there?
62. What kept reaching toward Christian?
63. Who or what kept coming nearer to Christian as he went in?
64. What did Christian hear that helped him continue on his path? (p.64)
65. Christian then became glad. For what 3 reasons did he feel glad?
66. When Christian looked ahead and saw the way ahead may be worse, what did he say that comforted him? (p.65)
67. Why was this considered ‘light’?
68. What happened to the man at the mouth of the cave?
69. When Christian came upon Faithful, and runs ahead of him and stumbles and falls…what is the significance of that happening?
70. Why did Christian and Faithful get along so well?
71. What did Faithful say happened to Pliable?
72. What did Faithful say about his encounter with Wanton? (p. 68)
73. What proverb kept Faithful from falling for Wanton’s snare?
74. What did Faithful say the old man he met at the Hill of Difficulty said, to try to get Faithful to come with him?
75. Who was this old man a metaphor for?
76. Do you think it helped Faithful and Christian to talk about their journey and who they met?
77. When Faithful told Christian he had ‘sunshine all the rest of the way’…what did he mean?
78. Who did Christian say Talkative was the son of? (p.75)
79. Why did Christian not like Talkative?
80. Why did he feel Talkative wasn’t a good Christian?
81. Who did Faithful compare the ways of Talkative to? (p.77)
82. Why did Christian suggest Faithful get into a conversation with him?
83. What is the question Faithful asked Talkative to start the conversation? (p.78)
84. What was it that Faithful and Talkative disagreed about?
85. What does Faithful say is discovered by a work of grace’? (p.80)
86. What does it mean when Faithful says to ‘stand your religion in Word or tongue and not in deed or truth?
87. What made Christian and Faithful think that Talkative would not change his ways?
88. In Faithful’s poem he recited on p. 82, what did he mean by Talkative ‘lifting his plumes’?
89. What is the ‘heartwork’ that Faithful speaks about in the poem?
90. What does Faithful mean in the poem by ‘into the wave he goes?’
91. Who are the ‘all’ that Faithful says ‘heartwork knows’?
92. When Faithful and Christian came upon Evangelist again (p.82), when Evangelist asked him how their way was going, do you think he already knew?
93. Evangelist reassures Faithful and Christian, but what does he warn them about?
94. What did it mean that the town that was kept was lighter than vanity?
95. What did the town of Vanity stand for?
96. Would the things that were sold at Vanity be considered Heavenly things?
97. What sort of people were in the town of Vanity?
98. What was the purpose of the different ‘rows’ in the town of Vanity?
99. When the Pilgrims entered Vanity Fair, what caused everyone to stare at them?
100. Why weren’t the pilgrims interested in any of their wares?
101. What did the pilgrims say they would buy?
102. Why did those at the fair want to make a spectacle of the pilgrims?
103. How did the men react to being locked up in the cage?
104. What behavior by the pilgrims caused their captors to become more enraged?
105. What do you think Faithful could have said to his captors to get a better judgment?
106. What were the reasons the judge thought he should be put to death? (p.91)
107. What could Faithful’s death be compared to?
108. After Faithful’s death, how did Christian escape Vanity?
109. Who joined Christian after leaving Vanity?
110. What town was ByEnds from?
111. Why didn’t Christian want By Ends to go with him?
112. Did Mr. By Ends go with him?
113. Who were the 3 men following Mr. By Ends?
114. Why did Christian and Hopeful carry on with them?
115. What was the name of the plain that Christian and Hopeful encountered?
116. What was the name of the hill after Ease?
117. What was Lucre…was it a good or bad place to be? (p.99)
118. Who was Demas?
119. What happened to By Ends and his companions?
120. What did Christian compare the pillar to that they came upon?
121. What river did Hopeful and Christian run into on their way?
121. What did they find in and by the river?
122. After they left their place of rest, what was happening to them?
123. Why did they decide to take the path along the wayside?
124. What happened to Vain Confidence, whom Christian and Hopeful were following? (p. 104)
125. What made their way harder now that came with the storm?
126. When did they decide to rest because of the storm, whose land were they on?
127. Who caught them sleeping on the grounds and then woke them up?
128. What did Giant Despair do to Christian and Hopeful?
129. Who blamed himself for this happening?
130. What was Giant Despair’s wife like?
131. Why do you think Giant Despair was doing everything his wife was telling him to do?
132. What did Giant Despair leave Christian and Hopeful alone to think about?
133. What reasoning did Hopeful use as to not kill himself, as Giant Despair had requested?
134. What past incidents gave Christian and Hopeful strength in the dungeon?
135. What does the giant show Christian and Hopeful to make them feel less hope again? (p. 109)
136. After the giant beat them again, what did Christian and Hopeful do that night?
137. What did Christian pull out of his bosom to help them escape Despair?
138. What happened when they used the key to open the gate?
139. Why couldn’t the Giant Despair go after them?
140. How did Christian and Hopeful help others escape the dangers of wandering into the Giant of Despair’s land? (p.110)
141. What mountains would they then come to?
142. Who owned the mountains?
143. What happened at the Hill of Error?
144. What was the second mountain called they came across?
145. What was in the door at the side of the hill where they were led next?
146. What was the door a by-way to?
147. What did the Shepherds show Pilgrim and Hopeful at the top of the hill, Clear?
148. Why did Christian and Hopeful’s hands shake when they were looking off the hill called Clear?
149. What did each of the 4 Shepherds give Hopeful and Pilgrim when they bid them on their way? (p. 113 and 114)
150. Where did Christian and Hopeful meet Ignorance?
151. What made Christian think that Ignorance was wise in his conceit?
152. Why did Christian and Hopeful not speak everything they wanted to say to Ignorance right away, but let him go on for a while?
153. Who did Christian think…the man who was bound with cords that they came across on the dark lane…was? (p. 115)
154. What story did Christian then tell Hopeful about the man, Little Faith?
155. What happened to the jewels in the story?
156. What differences did Christian say there were between Esau and Little Faith? (p. 118)
157. What did Christian mean by ‘birds who run on untrodden paths with shells on their heads ?
158. What did Christian mean by ‘we desire a King of the convoy’? (p.121)
159. What happened when they came upon the net?
160. What did a Shining One then do to help them?
161. What was the net a symbol for here?
162. Who did Christian and Hopeful then come upon? (p.124)
163. Who did Christian say Atheist was blinded by?
164. What was Atheist’s attitude towards Christian and Hopeful?
165. Why did Christian not want to stop and sleep as Hopeful wanted to?
166. In the conversation about sin with Christian, what did Hopeful mean by ‘I have by my sins run a great way into God’s book’?
167. How did Hopeful say that he saw Christ? (p. 130)
168. What did Christian mean, talking to Hopeful, by ‘the fruit of distracted brains’?
168. Why did Ignorance decide to stay behind for a while after their conversation?
169. What warnings did Christian and Hopeful then give to Ignorance? (p. 136)
170. What 3 ways does Christian say that ‘fear is discovered’?
171. What 4 ways does Christian tell Hopeful that people suppress their fears?
172. Who did Temporary meet to sway him from the Lord? (p. 138)
173. What 4 reasons did Hopeful give for the reason one ‘backslides’?
174. What did Christian and Hopeful first hear and see when they entered the country of Beulah?
175. Describe the city when they first saw it.
176. Where are we Hopeful and Christian invited to sleep?
177. Why do you think Christian and Hopeful talked in their sleep while they dreamed?
178. What did the two men whose raiment shown like gold say to Christian and Hopeful?
179. What were the two conditions the men expressed that Christian and Hopeful would encounter? (p. 142)
180. What difficulty did Christian encounter at the river?
181. After they crossed the river, how were they able to get up the hill before them so easily?
182. Who did the two say they were?
183. What did Christian, Hopeful, and the Shining Ones talk about as they were ascending the hill?
184. What were the two Shining Ones reply to Hopeful and Christian’s question, ‘What must we do in the Holy Plain’?
185. Who came out to meet Christian and Hopeful as they were nearing the gate?
186. Describe what the King’s trumpeters did.
187. What was written at the gate when they reached it? (p. 147)
188. Who bid Christian and Hopeful to come through the gate?
189. What did the King say of those who enter the gate?
190. What happened to Christian and Hopeful after they went through the gate?
191. Who then approached the gate? (p. 148)
192. What did the men who looked over the gate at Ignorance ask him for?
193. What then happened to Ignorance?
194. What does the writer speak of in the concluding poem of the Pilgrim’s Progress?