Celestial Railroad Additional Study

As we mentioned on the additional questions page for Pilgrim Progress, we feel it is important that you read both the book Pilgrim’s Progress and the short story “Celestial Railroad” a second time and as you did on Pilgrim’s Progress, we suggest that you read “The Celestial Road” again and as you do answer the following questions.

1. How had the railroad been established?
2. Why did the traveler (author) decide to take the train?
3. Who did the traveler sit with and where was this traveler from?
4. What title did this person hold that the traveler sat with?
5. What was the bridge they soon encountered built over? (top of p. 186)
6. With what was the foundation of the bridge made?
7. What made the bridge difficult to cross?
8. What once stood where the Station House is?
9. Who now presides in the ticket office? (bottom of p.186)
10. Instead of the mystic rolls, what did the person once known as Evangelist hand out?
11. What kind of people were at the station house wanting to go to the Celestial City and what was their demeanor?
12. What did people do with their burdens while on the train?
13. Who were the other people now employed at the Station House?
14. What did Mr. Smooth It Away say happened to Mr. Great Heart?
15. What did the traveler liken the train’s engine to? (mid p. 188)
16. Who was the chief engineer of the train?
17. Why did the traveler and the people on the train laugh when they saw two people walking in the ‘old pilgrim guise’?
18. Why was the smoke and flame of the engine compared to Apollyon’s breath?
19. What was the Interpreter’s house now turned into?
20. What made some of the people on the train think of the safety of their baggage? (p.190, second paragraph)
21. Who and what did the new tunnel at the Hill of Difficulty bypass?
22. What did Mr. Smooth It Away then say about Ms. Prudence, Ms. Piety and Ms. Charity?
23. What had been done to the Valley of the Shadow of Death to make it ‘appear’ bright and sunny?
24. What was the red brilliancy along both sides of the track while going through the Valley of the Shadow of Death?
25. What did Mr. Smooth It Away say was now the ‘mouth of the Infernal Region? (mid page 192)
26. Why did Mr. Take It Easy say that he never took pains to climb the hill where the city stands?
27. As the traveler went further on, what was thrusting themselves through the dim light? Were they mere delusions?
28. Who took the place of Pope and Pagan in the cavern at the Valley of the Shadow of Death? (mid p. 194)
29. What did the Giant Transcendentalist look like?
30. What do most people here now consider the ‘new’ Vanity Fair?
31. What’s different about every street in Vanity Fair now? (mid p. 195)
32. What were the names of some of the Reverends of these churches?
33. What were considered ‘improvements’ in ethics, literature and religion there?
34. What did the traveler think of Vanity Fair?
35. What were some of the foolish bargains made at the Vanity Fair Bazaar? (bottom of p. 196)
36. What would purchase almost anything there.
37. What was said of public offices of the town of Vanity?
38. What was a fair trade there for peace of mind?
39. What kind of traffic did Prince Beelzebub take part in Vanity? (p. 197, 2nd paragraph)
40. What happened to the traveler day after day of walking through the town? What was happening in his mind about the Celestial City?
41. What did Mr. Stick to the Right say about the Celestial City?
42. How did Mr. Smooth It Away try to persuade the traveler to make Vanity his permanent residence?
43. What was it about Vanity that troubled the traveler, making him want to leave? (top of p. 199)
44. As the traveler went in, what did they pass before coming to the former castle of the Giant of Despair?
45. Who repaired it and made it a house of entertainment?
46. How were the Delectable Mountains different now? (top of p. 200)
47. What was the scene like when they entered Beulah?
48. Who did the traveler see getting a good reception from the Shining Ones?
49. What was the last form of transportation from the train to the Celestial City?
50. Did Mr. Smooth It Away get on the ferry boat?
51. What did Mr. Smooth It Away look like to the traveler when he answered the traveler about whether or not he was getting on the ferry boat?
52. What was happening to the traveler while he was on the boat?
53. How did his journey end?