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Personal & Group Discipleship

Pilgrim-Institute has developed a Bible Study based on the Book “The Pilgrim Progress” by John Bunyan. This is an intense thirteen lesson Bible Study that will take you on a personal pilgrimage from the “City of Destruction” to the “Celestial City”.

This study can be done by an individual or as a group (small group, Sunday School Class, or Church).

All the lessons are available free of charge on this website and can be downloaded in PDF format.

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Other Websites

Preaching the Word

Preaching The Word website is one of several web ministries that is part of “Four Soils Ministry” which was a FREE online Bible School, which has now been closed. Some of those resources are being added to this site.

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Church Restoration

Restoring The Church was a hot topic prior to the Pandemic. After the Pandemic, it has become a critical topic. A few years ago the website Dyingchurch.org was established to raise awareness of the health of many USA churches. Our local church health was/is affecting the ministry of local churches.

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