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Pilgrim Progress Study Guide

Pilgrim Institute Theology SlidePilgrim Institute has packaged a thirteen (13) week (lesson) study and study guide for the individual, small group, Sunday School or church wide study. Links to these lessons can be found in the right column.

Bunyan develops the story as a pilgrimage a trip/walk from one place (City of Destruction) to the destination (Celestial City). As one reads and meditates on this story we will soon discover it is many metaphors that make an allegory for a spiritual pilgrimage that involves justification (conviction/confession/repentance) and sanctification (commitment – fruit bearing) and ends with glorification as one enters heaven (Celestial City).

Our study material of the Pilgrim Progress book guides you not only to an understanding of the book, but to a deeper walk/pilgrimage in ones spiritual walk of faith.

Lessons 12 & 13 use Hawthorne’s short story “The Celestial Railroad” as a powerful illustration to show many of the problems of modern day Christianity.