Course Requirements


Our Pilgrimage is a course that has been designed to be used as an individual Bible Study, a small group such as a Sunday school class, or for a large group such as a whole church. Below are the suggested methods based on if it is an individual, small group or large group.

Personal Discipleship – 1) Read the Reading assignment for the lesson, 2) answer the questions, and 3) then do the Self Examination. If you desire a certificate of completion or would like our feedback and encouragement send your lessons to us for review.

Small or Large Group Study– 1) have students read the reading assignment, answer the questions, and do the Self Examination prior to hearing a lecture/sermon or attending a class.

The use of this material is absolutely free. however we would welcome a donation if you are financially able.

May God bless the use of this material.

Pastor charlie

PS: If you use the material we would like your feedback for both our encouragement and ways to improve the material for future users.