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Personal & Group Discipleship


Pilgrim-Institute has developed a Bible Study based on the Book “The Pilgrim progress” by John Bunyan. This is an intense thirteen lesson Bible Study that will take you on a personal pilgrimage from the “City of Destruct” to the “Celestial City”.

This study can be done by an individual or as a group (small group, Sunday School Class, or Church).

All the lessons are available free of charge on this website and can be downloaded in PDF format.

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Other Studies

Certificate Programs

Four Soils Ministry offers a certificate program that is the equivalent in the presentation of Biblical and Theological knowledge of a two year associate degree program in Bible Studies.

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Theology Program

Wicket Gate Bible College is an unaccredited program that is intended to be the equivalent of the last two years of a traditional BS in Biblical Studies. This program was developed for our students who complete our Certificate program.

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